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Who We Are

Our Story

Our firm traces its roots back to 1954, originally founded as the Tri-Lakes Concrete Company. Over the years, it has evolved both in name and the services offered.

In 1998, the firms’ owners Bruce Rhodes and Steve Brady were looking at their futures as they approached retirement. Each wanted a way to exit the company while preserving the culture and values built since the beginning. Rather than selling to a third party, the pair kept it in the hands of those who had already invested so much of their time and talents: our employees.

In 2023, we changed our name from Anderson Engineering, Inc. to OWN, Inc. to be more reflective of our team and the mindset that makes us go. While the name may be new, the links to the past have led us to what we are today: a community of talented employee-owners driven by mutual success.

Worker using auger.


OWN builds futures for our team, our partners, and our communities. 

This manifests itself in many ways to help shape the built environment while adding value at every turn. This is more than garden-variety engineering.

This is, “Engineering beyond.”


We believe in the value of relationships that last. That it’s appreciated when you handle things with the attention and urgency you’d expect of a friend. And asking bigger questions will lead to better solutions. No matter if the challenge we’re solving is massive or mundane, our approach is rooted in the principles that guide our work each day:


Owners do it better

We all know if you want something done right, you go to the owner. At OWN, we couldn’t agree more. That’s why our first principle is our pledge that every employee-owner will treat your project like they have skin in the game. Truth is, they do.

Responsiveness is a superpower

At OWN, we take pride in being one of the most responsive engineering firms in the world. However, that isn’t good enough. We’re supercharging this advantage and elevating it to a superpower. After all, when you need us, you shouldn’t have to wait.

Success is not a limited resource

We love win-win-wins. We resist claims that one side must emerge victorious while the other loses. We believe that if we work hard and dedicate ourselves to finding solutions that create wins for our team, our partners, and our communities – those solutions are worth fighting for.

Fun matters

We work hard supporting projects that build incredible futures in the communities we serve. We take our jobs seriously and push ourselves to continually improve. That said, we believe we owe it to ourselves and our partners to not only perform at a high level but have fun along the way. We’re out to prove it’s possible to be one of the best engineering firms on the planet, and the most fun.

People are at the center of it all

This is at the heart of who we are. We are a people-first company. We know our work and the impact is made by people, with people, and for people. We live our lives with a commitment to each of these principles and an unwavering belief that people should be at the center of it all.


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