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Ensuring lasting integrity in structures that perform.

That’s OWNgineering.

Why OWN?

Formerly Anderson Engineering, OWN is an employee-owned firm, so when you talk to anyone from our Kansas City office, you’re talking to someone with skin in the game. We work on everything from new construction to inspection services on existing structures like bridges, commercial buildings, or condominiums all over the Kansas City Metro. And we know the positive influence that structural engineering design can have on construction costs, schedules, and lasting quality. Other reasons why include:

Efficiency of Design

Our Structural Engineering team designs everything from buildings to bridges with an eye for maximizing savings on both material and labor costs. And without sacrificing lasting quality.

More Capacity, Better Availability

Our deep bench translates to shorter lead times. As owners, we recognize that urgency is part of this business and we can make your priorities our priorities.

We’re Full Service

As a full-service office, you can also get Civil Engineering and Land Surveying with us. Our comprehensive expertise can equate to time and money savings and an enhanced quality assurance process. 

Core Offerings

The OWN Structural Engineering team can help you impact the success of your build through these subdisciplines:

Structural Building Design
Structural Evaluation
Structural Inspection
Foundation Design
Forensic Engineering

See Our Team In Action


Cayman Chemical Office Building

Creative thinking solidifies a structure.


Henderson Beach Resort

A resort expands on sound footing.


Dominion Energy® Aircraft Hangar

An enviable home base for corporate aviation.


Destin High School

Opportunity knocks and a city gets its school.