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Revitalizing a Community Improvement District.
Client: Woodsonia Real Estate Inc.
Location: Joplin, MO

Execution time: 0.0006 seconds

Services: Boundary / ALTA Surveying, Commercial, Community Engagement, Conceptual Design, Construction Inspections, Construction Material Testing (CMT), Construction Surveying, Development Services, Drilling, Due Diligence, Environmental Engineering, Foundation Design, Funding Assistance, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Geotechnical Engineering, LiDAR (mobile, terrestrial, drone), Permitting, Photogrammetry (drone), Roadway Design, Sidewalks & Trails, Site Design, Stormwater, Structural Evaluation, Topographic Surveying, Traffic, Wastewater, Water

Project Profile:

There comes a time in the life of any city when it’s time for a refresh.

Joplin, Missouri, working with developer Woodsonia Real Estate Inc. and OWN, Inc., aimed to revitalize a decaying Hammons Boulevard district that was ripe for redevelopment.

To accomplish this, Joplin established a Community Improvement District (CID) for this previously blighted area 70 acres in size. The efforts would result in a new shopping destination and apartment complex.

The primary challenges? Working around the existing conditions, including the planning and construction sins of the past. Especially the creation of several right-of-ways on public tracts of land.

For starters, OWN helped with conceptual designs and Phase 1 environmental. The team spent nearly a year gathering Exhibits to set up the CID.

The team then worked with the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) on the roadways servicing the development. On 32nd Street: a new traffic signal was implemented. Then 36th Street was widened to accommodate additional traffic drawn to the area.

Today, all of the public work is complete with construction of a home improvement store underway. Once that is complete, construction of the apartments will soon follow with platting ready to accommodate several 8-plexes and seven 14-plexes, in addition to a clubhouse and pool.

In total, OWN provided Civil Engineering, Land Surveying, Drone/LiDAR, Conceptual Design, and Permitting on the project. This helped to bring the Hammons Boulevard district up to modern standards while providing the people of Joplin with a welcoming location to shop and live.