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PODS® Moving & Storage

Overcoming Drainage Challenges on a Five-Acre Site
Client: Teague Construction, Inc.
Location: Grandview, MO

Execution time: 0.0005 seconds

Services: Boundary / ALTA Surveying, Construction Surveying, Industrial, Permitting, Site Design, Stormwater, Topographic Surveying

Project Profile:

In 2021, OWN, Inc. was approached by Teague Construction for help building a new franchise outpost for PODS, a moving and storage company.

Built on 4.7-acres of land in Grandview, Missouri, this 90,000-square-foot structure made of pre-engineered steel, brick, and steel panels. OWN provided Civil Engineering for utilities, storm sewer design, stormwater detention design, erosion control, site layout, permitting and construction staking with the survey team.

Also included: the layout of customer parking and a staging area for the PODS, along with a coordinated master plan of the adjacent property to ensure no limitations to buildability.

Over the course of the work-up, a unique challenge arose. The topography of the area drove stormwater directly onto the property. With much of the grounds used as a staging area for storage and loading, standing water was unacceptable.

The solution? OWN worked with the property owner to redirect storm water away from the PODS site where it would be detained on lot to east, a 3.8-acre site also being developed by Teague Constructon as an investment property. Next, the firm designed a unique stormwater detention system made of gravel tanks on the adjacent lot that was both practical and met EPA guidelines.

This project marked the first work between OWN and Teague. Since its completion, the team has collaborated on over 20 projects.