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Life Storage

The tighter the fit, the greater the challenge.
Client: Perry Solon (Entrepreneur)
Location: Niceville, FL

ACF Type: text

Project Manager: Bryan Osborn, PE

Services: Commercial, Conceptual Design, Development Services, Permitting, Roadway Design, Sidewalks & Trails, Site Design, Stormwater, Traffic, Wastewater, Water

Project Profile:

A narrow lot doesn’t have to limit its potential.

When a local entrepreneur contacted OWN, Inc. with a concept for a property he was eyeing, he was hoping to build a new storage facility but had one major hurdle.

The proposed 2-acre lot in Niceville, Florida, was extremely slender for most pursuits – which may have contributed to its availability. Compounding the challenges, the firm discovered 24 feet of fall across the site, a rarity for Florida land. Despite the topographical quirks, the client wanted to maximize the acreage.

OWN’s answer? A unique set of solutions for the construction of the foundation and retaining walls in order to start building a 3-story, 84,000-square-foot structure.

With a church to the northwest and a residential subdivision to the northeast of the property, OWN worked with the City to design workable solutions with the grading that redirected stormwater around the building.

The firm also coordinated with Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) on permitting for stormwater mitigation to ensure the street was protected, as well as the addition of a turn lane on the highway to access the property.

Leveraging creative solutions from OWN, the client was able to build a structure that’s respectful of the surrounding neighbors. By doing so, it has become a welcome new addition to the neighborhood.