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Infrastructure Inventory & Data Collection for the MDC

Leveraging the power of data and technology to inventory assets.
Client: Missouri Department of Conservation
Location: Southwest, MO

ACF Type: text

Project Manager: Kathy VanWey

Services: Geographic Information Systems (GIS), State

Project Profile:

In 2018, the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) contracted with OWN, Inc. for their Infrastructure Asset Management Program. The program intent was to fully understand the inventory and assets MDC had, and included a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) inventory and condition assessment of infrastructure assets on MDC areas across the state of Missouri. OWN’s portion of the project consisted of 69 conservation areas spanning approximately 228,200 acres.

During this project, our teams provided data collection for more than 10,000 individual assets and the inspection and condition assessment of over 6,000 assets. Assets collected and inspected included everything from interior and exterior electrical components to sewer, water and stormwater systems. All collected assets and related attributes were required to follow the MDC’s detailed formatting guidelines and specific naming conventions to be compatible with both MDC’s asset management system and stringent Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) geodatabase topology rules.

Using ESRI Collector for ArcGIS Online, iPads and very accurate Trimble R2 GNSS GPS units, OWN created easy-to-use maps that allowed the accurate collection of all required features per site, along with high-resolution photos of nearly all collected assets. Up to five separate field teams used these tools to find all the assets on MDC sites, even those that may have been long forgotten or overgrown. The work was completed by the MDC deadline of June 30, 2020.