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Forvis™ (BKD) Office

Giving an old restaurant new life.
Client: Simonson + Associates Architects
Location: Joplin, MO

Execution time: 0.0005 seconds

Services: Boundary / ALTA Surveying, Commercial, Conceptual Design, Development Services, Due Diligence, Permitting, Site Design, Stormwater, Topographic Surveying, Wastewater, Water

Project Profile:

Commercial real estate is an interesting business.

One day, a building can be a restaurant. The next, an accounting office.

This was the case with a project between OWN, Inc. and Simonson + Associates Architects of Des Moines, Iowa. Together, the firms took a look at an existing building and parking lot facilities in Joplin, Missouri, and redesigned them.

The structure at hand was formerly a national chain restaurant that had moved in after the historic tornado. It didn’t stick. The 10,000-square-foot building sat on a 1-acre lot in the Sam’s Club parking lot. The location was adjacent to the Hammons Boulevard Realignment and Community Improvement District (CID).

In the spirit of redevelopment, the client took over the structure and converted it into an office for Forvis, the new company born of the merger of accounting firms BKD and DHG.

The OWN team provided Land Survey and Civil Engineering, including storm sewer design, stormwater detention, parking lot redesign, and an upgrade to all utilities in addition to some construction administration.

In business, turnaround times are key – especially for accountants. OWN met the needs of Forvis to modernize and refresh the existing structure and grounds and gave it new life.