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Carthage Roundabout

Making a busy intersection safer all around.
Client: MoDOT
Location: Carthage, MO

ACF Type: text

Project Manager: Sean Matlock, PE

Services: Boundary / ALTA Surveying, Community Engagement, Conceptual Design, Construction Inspections, Construction Material Testing (CMT), Construction Surveying, Development Services, DOT, Drilling, Geotechnical Engineering, LiDAR (mobile, terrestrial, drone), Roadway Design, Sidewalks & Trails, Site Design, Stormwater, Topographic Surveying, Traffic, Water

Project Profile:

Roundabouts can improve safety, promote lower speeds and reduce traffic. So when the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) needed to improve a highly-congested and awkward intersection in the City of Carthage, Missouri, they called OWN, Inc.

MoDOT selected OWN for the design of a five-leg, single-lane roundabout on MO Route 571 to provide better traffic operations and improved safety benefits. The OWN team took design speed, geometrics, and the fastest path of the roundabout into consideration as the foundation for the redesign, while also working to incorporate new sidewalk connectivity to another MoDOT and American Disabilities Association (ADA) transition project planned on MO Route 571.

Services OWN provided included:

  • Topographic and boundary survey
  • Geotechnical investigation
  • Traffic analysis
  • Roadway design
  • Stormwater collection
  • Photometric design for new lighting

The project was completed in 2021, and was a 50-50 cost share between MoDOT and the City of Carthage. The new roundabout has greatly improved the traffic conditions and accessibility for users.